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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Storms, Grandchildren, Politics

It's been over a week since I posted anything on the blog, and it will likely be another week before I do so again. With four little grandchildren in the house and large storms on either side of our "sunshine" state, I've been a wee bit preoccupied. Our daughter and the little ones fly back to New England on Wednesday which will give Diane and me a week to prepare for our trip to Rome.

Our hope is that neither Gustav nor Hannah will cause any more damage or loss of life. I've been through many hurricanes in my life (indeed, I was born in the middle of one), and I really don't want to go through another. Pray for those who are in the paths of these violent storms.

One political note (and politics is something I won't often address on this blog): I'm pleased to see that John McCain chose a strong pro-life woman as his running mate. I suspect that his choice of Governor Palin may well result in abortion becoming the major "issue" in the upcoming election. Although I've always believed that we will not eliminate the plague of abortion by political means, and that it will require a collective change of heart by the American people, politics can certainly be an effective way to ensure abortion isn't swept under the national rug.

Praise God, love God, and love His people...,

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