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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Neat NASA Photos - Volcano Erupting

As you might know, I was involved with NASA some years ago (OK, many, many years ago) during the Apollo program as a Navy helicopter pilot. As a result I became a bit of a NASA junkie and tend to follow the Space Program rather closely. I have particularly enjoyed NASA's photos of the earth and some of the unusual geologic and climatic events observed from space.

Among the most interesting recent NASA photos are some taken by the astronauts on the International Space Station. Earlier this month the station's orbit took it over Russia's Kuril Islands in the North Pacific just as a volcano began erupting. The photo below is one of several taken by the astronauts. It's especially interesting to note how the volcano seems to have blown a hole right through the clouds covering the island.

Click on the photo for a high resolution view. And click here to visit NASA's site describing the eruption. Neat, huh? God certainly gave us an interesting planet to live on.

I'm especially looking forward to checking out the latest photos taken by the Hubble telescope since its recent repair by a shuttle crew; just haven't had time. But if I find something interesting, I'll share it with you on the blog.


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