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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Obama's Praise of Islam

I found President Obama's speech to the Muslim world more than a bit odd in that it seemed to distort so much of what I knew about Islam. While I realize that a touch of hyperbole can be an effective rhetorical technique, many of the president's comments far surpassed the usual exaggerations found in political speeches. The best brief coverage of the speech I've found is on one of the First Things blogs. The article, by David Goldman, is interesting reading. Click here to read it.

And if you dislike subtlety, you can read Ralph Peters' take on the president's speech. He provides some interesting perspective on Obama's blind praise for the "religion of peace." Here's a link.

One gets the impression that our president believes he can talk anyone into anything, that he still sees the world through the eyes of a community organizer. I get the feeling he actually believes that nations like North Korea and Iran can be "domesticated" and brought around to his way of thinking through a steady stream of talk. For our sake I hope he soon discovers the reality of the world and the true nature of some of its bad actors.

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