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Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorists

Well, folks, the moronic wing-nuts, who have for years questioned the fact of the Apollo Program moon landings, have added another screwy one to their ranks: Whoopi Goldberg. That's right, Whoopi Goldberg, the intellectual pride of that collection of unremarkable women who co-host The View, has decided that NASA and the tens of thousands of people directly involved in the Apollo program have, for 40 years, cleverly conspired to fool the world into thinking we actually landed on the moon. Apparently Whoopi and her fellow whack-jobs believe that NASA must have filmed the whole thing in some clandestine studio, probably at Area 51 where the government has secretly kept all those UFOs and extra-terrestrials.

As someone who was intimately involved in the Apollo program, and who, from my Navy helicopter, personally observed several Apollo command modules as they reentered the atmosphere and descended to the Pacific under those three parachutes, I can assure you the Apollo landings were quite real. Yeah, I know, don't confuse you with the facts; you've got your mind made up. (If you would enjoy viewing my PowerPoint presentation on the Apollo 13 Recovery Operation, click here.)

Apollo 14 landing site taken by a NASA lunar orbiter this month

I recently read that as many as 20% of Americans doubt the reality of the Apollo moon landings. If that's true, we're doomed as a nation. I think I'm probably safe when I suggest that every one of these geniuses voted for Barack Obama.

Of course, Whoopi Goldberg has said many outrageous things, including her comment on The View (2007) that women who have had abortions should be revered. She also once admitted to having had six abortions herself.

Pray for us.

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