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Monday, May 31, 2010

Vandalism at Catholic Churches

I keep reading about small and large acts of vandalism taking place at Catholic churches around the country. The latest took place in the LA suburbs just this past week, at St. Rose of Lima church and school in Maywood, California. It was of such a nature -- lots of sacrilegious activity involved -- that the local police are calling it a hate crime.

Anyway, the story got me thinking and I realized that every parish to which I have belonged for more than a year was vandalized at least once. Now don't go making any connections between my presence and the vandalism. My point is that this has been going on for a long time and isn't all that uncommon. From what I've read recently, though, it would seem that the vandalism is growing in severity and also becoming increasingly sacrilegious; that is, it is aimed specifically at Catholicism.

Too bad. A lot of churches are no longer open, even during the day, so folks can stop by and pray. And almost every church and school now has a sophisticated alarm system -- except, apparently, in Maywood, CA. Just one small indicator of how the world has changed in recent years.

Here's a short video about the damage inflicted on St. Rose of Lima church and school...

God's peace...

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