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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Vocations - Women Religious

We hear so much these days about the lack of vocations, particularly among women, that one might think all religious orders will soon be only a memory. For some orders this is no doubt true. But what we don't hear about very much is the remarkable growth of vocations among so many of the new religious communities.

Elizabeth Scalia, who writes occasionally for my favorite monthly, First Things, also has a blog, The Anchoress, on the FT website. In yesterday's post she provides us with a "vocation round-up" and lists one order after another, describing their growth in vocations -- orders like the Nashville Dominicans who expect 30 new postulants later this summer. Among my favorites are the Sisters of Life (Bronx, NY), who just had ten of their number profess their vows at the Basilica of St. John the Baptist in Stamford, CT. Six novices of the Sisters of Life also recently accepted the habit. The Dominican Sisters of Mary (Ann Arbor), also blessed with vocations, recently witnessed eight of their sisters make their first profession of vows. The wonderful thing about these orders, and the many others listed, is that so many of these new sisters are young women. They all deserve your prayers and your financial support.
New novices of the Sisters of Life

Although Scalia focuses on the women, she doesn't completely ignore the men and refers to the 21 men novices of the Dominican Province of St. Joseph (New York) as well as the recent ordinations of new Norbertine priests. The Norbertine Sisters (California) are also experiencing real growth in vocations.

How refreshing it is to realize that so many young Catholic women are accepting their vocations to the religious life. Oh, how we need them! Keep them all in your prayers.

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