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Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the Road Again...

Tomorrow morning Diane and I head north with the firm hope that our arrival in Massachusetts will precede that of our newest, soon-to-be-born grandchild. The length of our stay is uncertain (that's another nice thing about retirement) but I intend to post something on the blog every couple of days. We'll see.

I am taking all kinds of strange electronic devices with me, all supposedly designed to make my life easier. Diane, of course, believes I have become enslaved by Apple, HP, Canon, Asus, and an assortment of lesser known masters. Foolish talk. What else would one expect from a Luddite who has a cell phone but never turns it on? I love her dearly but she remains hopelessly locked in the 20th century.

All my little gadgets are fine and eminently useful tools, but what I'm really waiting for is the fulfillment of the grand unified theory of electronic gadgetry, the ultimate do-everything gadget. For a moment I thought the iPad might come close, but then I realized its shortcomings would demand that I still lug a video cam, an iPhone, and several other can't-do-without devices. And so I will wait at least until the introduction of the next generation of iPad before parting with any more of my increasingly scarce retirement funds. In the meantime, my little backpack just gets heavier.

I ask for your prayers -- that my daughter's new son will arrive healthy and that we will enjoy a safe trip through the living horrors of I-95.

God's peace...

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