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Friday, September 3, 2010

The Convergence of New Grandson and Hurricane Earl

Since our arrival on Cape Cod Sunday evening, we've been staying with some dear old friends who live about 20 miles from our daughter's home in Hyannis. Early this morning -- at exactly 4:38 -- dear Erin called us and asked that we jump in the car and drive to her house. After yesterday's early morning (5:05 a.m.) dry run -- which turned out to be a false alarm -- it took us only 31 minutes to get dressed and make the short trip. And then, as is usual in these situations, everything slowed down. Erin and her husband finally left for the hospital at about 9 a.m., leaving Diane and me to care for the other four little ones (aged nine to three), and to cope with the imminent arrival of hurricane Earl.

According to the latest forecasts, the weather-guessers believe the storm will give us only a glancing blow as it accelerates off to the northeast. It's expected to arrive sometime this evening. We can only hope it remains well at sea. I've been through too many hurricanes in my life to trust meteorologists too much, and so I'm taking what precautions I can to keep us all safe. My biggest concern is an extended power loss so I've been charging up all those battery-powered electronic devices I lug along on every trip.

The little ones and their grandfather
Diane and granddaughter, Camilla, are out shopping for necessities while the three boys and I sit here watching Barney, the extremely irritating dinosaur. Did you know that "You're special, I'm special, everyone is special"? At least I thought I was until Eduardo, aged three, told me bluntly, "I'm special, Papa, but you're not." And to add to this insult, at breakfast this morning Camilla informed me, "Papa, you're too old to be a grandpa." Lovely little children,

We still have not been told what name our new grandson will be given, but that's okay. I like surprises and I'm sure it will be a fitting name. Pray for the little guy and his mom as they do what must be done over the next few hours. And pray that Earl heads out to sea. It's already beginning to cloud up as the leading edge of the storm reaches out to us.

Have to run. I've just been informed that it's time for a snack.

God's peace...

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