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Friday, November 5, 2010

Greetings from Barcelona - 5 Nov

We  arrived in Barcelona today at about 9:30 a.m local time. We than managed to navigate customs, immigration, baggage claim and a scary taxi ride to the hotel all in one hour. Surprisingly, despite the early hour, our room was ready and the lovely young desk clerk was friendly and efficient.

My thanks to our good friend, Deacon Joe Mador, who searched out hotel deals, recommended the Barcelona Confortel Auditori, and then, after I had made the reservations, decided not to join us on the trip. I half-expected a bedbug-ridden dump, the result of a sick practical joke on Joe's part; but I am forced to admit he did well. The room is fine, as is the bathroom. We'll try the breakfast in the morning. Of course, the view from our window could have been better. (See photo at left.)

And we're happy, too, the bed is comfortable, because we slept not a wink on the American Airlines airborne cattle car. For the first time in my life I was envious of the wealthy, at least those with enough money to fly first class. Diane and I both grabbed a long nap after our arrival and then went out for a late lunch at a local cafe with our friends, Ellen and Walter. Unable to communicate with the waitress except at the most basic level, we were forced to point at pictures of the food we wanted. It proved to be a most effective method.
Deacon Walter and Ellen

We are all too tired to see the town tonight, so we will rest up, rise early, and, we hope, make our planned trip to the Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat. As we made our approach to the city this morning, we flew right over the monastery, a marvelous sight that only whetted our appetite for our intended visit. Beautiful weather (sunny, clear and comfortable in the low 70s) is forecast, so we're hoping all goes as planned.

Pax et bonum...

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