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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A New France...or the End of France?

While reading several reports out of Europe on the recent election of France's new president, socialist Francois Hollande, I came across some photographs of the post-election celebrations at La Bastille Plaza in Paris. In the first photo below I couldn't help but notice that the victors are waving lots of flags, but could spot only one French flag. There are flags from Palestine, Turkey, Syria, Algeria, and Morocco. There's even a European Union flag along with a number of unrecognizable flags that probably represent trade unions and other organizations. The sole French flag is in the lower right corner. It would seem, then, that a large percentage of those celebrating Hollande's victory were Muslims who apparently express little loyalty toward their adoptive country.

One published analysis of the election results stated two million Muslims voted in the election, and over 90% of them voted for Hollande. This was more than enough to ensure Hollande's victory over Sarkozy. (See this article in the Business Insider.)

I searched for other photos of the celebrations just to make sure the above photo wasn't an aberration, and I found another (below) and, once again, I could spot only one French flag, this time a small one in the upper right corner.

In addition to the overwhelming support he received from Muslims, Hollande also received 70% of the vote of those who consider themselves irreligious. On the other hand, nearly 80% of practicing Catholics voted for Sarkozy. And a significant majority of French Jews, unlike American Jews who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, also voted for Sarkozy. This no doubt stems from the European left's overt antisemitism and hostility toward Israel.

I don't usually make predictions when it comes to things political, but these election results are less political than they are cultural. With the socialists now in power -- and if there's one thing the left knows how to do it's wield power -- they will strive mightily to maintain that power. Since the Muslim vote handed him the election, Hollande will do what is necessary to keep the growing Muslim community on his side. If he doesn't, he risks a violent backlash that could lead to a level of unrest approaching civil war.

Unfortunately for Hollande, he's a socialist and his economic policies will do nothing but further damage the nation's already sick economy. All the bones he tosses to the Muslim community will mean nothing when unemployment soars and the French welfare state no longer has the money to pay for all the benefits much of the populace has come to expect. As the indomitable Maggie Thatcher once said, "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money."  When that happens, the wealthy will leave the country and take their wealth with them, the middle class working people will be dumbstruck wondering what has happened to their country, and the mobs will hit the streets. And mobs are never a good thing.

So...any way you look at it, France seems destined to encounter a violent future, and I think it will happen sooner rather than later.

France may have the largest Muslim population in Europe but it's not unique, and the left has begun to recognize that Europe's Muslims generally support candidates on the left. This will no doubt continue until that population reaches a level where Muslims can field their own candidates in nationwide elections, and win. When that occurs, they will discard the secular left and embrace an Islamic future, and Europe will no longer be Europe. Here's a link to an article addressing this: Muslim Voters Change Europe.

It's all very interesting, and symptomatic of Europe's rejection of its Christian roots and the faith of its fathers. Only by reclaiming and living that faith can Europe hope to reverse the current trend and save itself.

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