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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Few Brief Thoughts

I haven't posted anything for some time now, and can offer no excuse other than busyness. And for the past few weeks Dear Diane and I have been away from home visiting children and grandchildren. Our trip north has been a joy. We witnessed grandson Carlos' First Communion which took place last Sunday during the Latin Mass celebrated at his family's parish, St. Francis Xavier Church in Hyannis, Massachusetts. (Photos are forthcoming, once I transfer them from camera to iPad.) We spent most of last week catching up with Carlos, his four siblings, and their parents.

After our week on Cape Cod we took the ferry to Nantucket to visit with our newest grandchild, seven-week-old Alana Claire, and her doting parents. We will remain on this beautiful island for the rest of the week basking in the sunny aura that surrounds the lovely Alana. Alana and her father (our youngest, Brendan) can be seen below.

After leaving Nantucket we'll go on to visit our two other children and their families before returning home.

Despite the sunniness of our family's world, the rest of the world seems bent on continuing its spiral into darkness. But there have been some bright spots. I was saddened to read that Jesuit-run Boston College had selected Irish Prime Minister Edna Kenny as the 2013 commencement speaker. Kenny has been an outspoken supporter of abortion and would not, one would think, be selected to speak at a Catholic university and receive an honorary doctorate. But BC ceased being a true Catholic university some time ago. The good news is that Boston's archbishop, Cardinal Sean O'Malley, chose not to attend the commencement ceremonies because of Kenny's involvement. Kudos to Cardinal Sean. Here's a link.

Another bright spot is the conviction of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell of three counts of first degree murder for the brutal killing of babies that survived abortions Gosnell performed. Kudos to the jury that convicted him and sentenced him to life imprisonment rather than the death penalty. Truly a pro-life jury. Here's a link. Ironically, the "doctor's" attorneys blame the media for his conviction -- the same media that virtually ignored the arrest and trial. Go figure.

Alana, her parents, and Dear Diane are calling me for breakfast, so I will, I hope, continue this soon. Blessings...and take a moment today to tell your children and grandchildren and parents how much you love them.

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