The occasional, often ill-considered thoughts of a Roman Catholic permanent deacon who is ever grateful to God for his existence. Despite the strangeness we encounter in this life, all the suffering we witness and endure, being is good, so good I am sometimes unable to contain my joy. Deo gratias!

The thoughts expressed here are my personal thoughts and sometimes reflect my political views. As a private citizen I have every right to express these views.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Late Have I Served Thee

Three score and ten,
The days of our years
Approach speedily.

I number the hours
And press down, 
Shake it together, 
Run it over,
Hoping to do 
All the undone,
Trying to atone
For the wasting
Of a lifetime.

From the hungry,
From the stranger,
From the dying,
From the prisoner,
From Him
I hear the whispered,
Blessed word
Of forgiveness.

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