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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Colonial Roads Less Traveled

In my most recent post I neglected to mention our minor (very minor) adventure on the James River Ferry. Because I tend to avoid the interstate highways whenever I have the time to do so, we made our way from Smithfield, NC to Williamsburg, VA on "blue highways." In this instance my TomTom GPS included a short ferry trip across the James River. Along with about 30 other vehicles we drove aboard the Pocahontas and crossed the river in much more interesting than a mere bridge crossing. The only inconvenience related to the timing of our arrival at the ferry. We had missed the boat by only two minutes and had to wait a half-hour for its return. But since we were in no hurry, it mattered little and gave me an opportunity to get out of the car, stretch my tired muscles, chat with the fellow lined up behind us, and take a few photos.

And speaking of blue highways, traveling along them provides opportunities to see and experience that which no interstate can offer. For example, you'll never see this on I-95:

...nor will you ever get "up close and personal" with a cotton ball when barreling along I-40. But while driving on state and county roads all things are possible:

We spent yesterday, Veterans Day, with the other tourists at Colonial Williamsburg. I have no time this morning to share our adventures. Later today...

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