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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trump, McCain and Keyes

Alan Keyes
A few years ago a friend, who happens to be solidly fused to the far left, jokingly (I think) accused me of being a racist because I had criticized the president and hadn't voted for him. Imagine his reaction when I informed him that I had voted for a black man for president long before he had even heard of Barack Obama. "Who?" he challenged. "Why Alan Keyes, of course. I voted for him in the 2,000 Republican primary." 

This week a different friend, a conservative, issued another challenge when he complained that I had supported John McCain in a recent post (Dump Trump) in which I had severely criticized Donald Trump for his now-famous comments about McCain's years as a POW. Actually, I don't believe I expressed any political support for McCain in that post. Indeed, I never once mentioned McCain's politics but confined my comments to his time as a POW in Hanoi. Did I vote for McCain in 2008? Yes, although I considered him a weak candidate who would likely ensure the election of a far more dangerous and politically savvy Barack Obama. I remain no fan of Senator McCain but I honor his naval service and especially his years of brutal imprisonment by the communists of North Vietnam. My criticism of Donald Trump, who admittedly knows how to say what people want to hear, relates to his character. He appears to me to be the ultimate populist, an opportunist whose record shows clearly that he's willing to change allegiances on a dime. I simply don't trust him.

Given the above, it's only fitting that Alan Keyes, Donald Trump and John McCain should be brought together, at least in print. Alan Keyes, a much smarter man than I, has done just that as he addresses the Trump-McCain brouhaha here: Trump Ignores the Senator, Insults the POW.

I'll make an effort to refrain from political posts in the future.

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