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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wildwood Soup Kitchen Video

Our parish -- St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Wildwood, Florida -- is in the process of preparing a number of videos addressing the many ministries sponsored by the parish. Among the first of these videos is one describing the Wildwood Soup Kitchen, an ecumenical ministry that Diane and I have been actively involved in for over 13 years. We just completed this video, which I was recruited to narrate, so I thought I'd include it here on my blog.

The Wildwood Soup Kitchen is a wonderful ministry and Diane and I are the Thursday Cook and Captain respectively.  The Soup Kitchen serves meals six days a week, although a different team of volunteers prepares and serves or delivers these tasty, nutritious meals each day. It's quite an operation run by several hundred volunteers. For example, today we served and delivered well over 300 meals.

If, after watching the video, you get the urge to make a contribution, visit the Soup Kitchen's website. It's important to realize that we accept no government funds (Government agencies at every level try to exert too much control over the operation once you accept their money.) which means we are funded completely by private donations. And no one at the Soup Kitchen receives a salary or any compensation of any kind...other than an occasional donut. We are all volunteers.

Here's a link to the Wildwood Soup Kitchen's donation page:

I've embedded the video below, although I'm not sure how long it will be online...

SOUP KITCHEN MAY 18 2017 mpeg 4 from robert carberry on Vimeo.

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