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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flag Day

Happy Flag Day.

Early this morning I placed about a dozen flags along the street in front of our house and was pleased to see that most of our neighbors had already done the same. A very impressive sight. Our generation at least (we live in a Florida retirement community) still has some respect for the flag of our nation.
Flag Day: our street early this morning

I see they're still burning US flags in Iran as the people of that nation take sides over the results of the election that supposedly gave our good friend, Ahmadinejad, another term as president. It seems President Bush was pretty close to the truth when he labeled North Korea and Iran as part of what he called an "axis of evil." Too bad he didn't do much about it. And our new president seems to be following the same, or an even more dangerous, course. One thing we should have learned from the 20th Century: talk has absolutely no impact on totalitarian regimes.

Enjoy flag day, celebrate the nation our flag represents, and remember those who died for the USA over the past two centuries.

Diane and I are heading off to Lakeland to enjoy a visit to the Polk Museum of Art and maybe have a nice lunch at some out of the way little cafe. Should be a nice day if we can avoid thunderstorms.


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