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Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Tall Tales

I was browsing a few favorite websites when I came across a link to a speech Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave a few weeks ago at the unveiling of a statue of the late President Ronald Reagan. The statue will be included among the many others on display in the Capitol rotunda in Washington, and will be one of two representing the state of California. At the unveiling, attended also by Nancy Reagan, Speaker Pelosi, referring to the late president's widow, made this comment:

"Mrs. Reagan, with your presence here today, I hope you know that we honor you. Not only for your support of the President, but for turning that support and love into action. Your support for stem cell research has made a significant difference in the lives of many American people. It has saved lives, it has found cures, it has given hope to people." (Click here to read her complete speech.)

Now what Ms. Pelosi was really talking about was Nancy Reagan's support for embryonic stem cell research. There would be no reason to praise Mrs. Reagan for supporting adult stem cell research, since it is something almost everyone agrees is morally acceptable. We don't praise people for saying or doing what everyone else is saying or doing. And so Ms. Pelosi's comments show how little she respects the truth. Embryonic stem cell research has made no difference in the lives of Americans,except, perhaps, the lives of those bogus researchers who have been cashing in on all those government funds released by our current president. It has not saved a single life. It has not found the cure to anything, nor offered any real hope for cures. The only stem cell research that has brought real results is adult stem cell research.

Of course, for Ms. Pelosi and her colleagues, it's all about abortion and nothing else. As long as the pro-abortion crowd can keep on repeating the lie that embryonic stem cell research is saving lives, they can use this lie as another reason to keep abortion legal.

The lies keep piling up but they're not a solid foundation and will eventually crumble.

Aren't you happy that God's in charge? I sure am.


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  1. Deacon Dana, nice message, both the tall tales and a little personal stuff. Hope you are doing well.