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Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome to the new America

My, oh, my. Our new president seems to have gone over the edge. And I'm tired of giving him a pass. He's been president for almost six months now and in that time has certainly shown his true colors.

First of all, he's a certified baby butcher. There's no other name for it given his voting record and public support for killing unborn babies through all nine months of pregnancy and even afterwards if they happen to survive an abortion. How odd for an African American to support an evil championed by Planned Parenthood (just read it's founder, Margaret Sanger) primarily to curb population growth among those less desirable races. Go figure. But then I've always thought that modern liberalism was really a suicide pact.

Second, his knowledge of foreign affairs could, it seems, be etched on the head of a pin with a jackhammer. Either that or he's actually cheering for our enemies; and that's something I refuse to least for now. So rather than label him a traitor, I'll take the more charitable path and just call him weak, perhaps stupid. He seems to think we shouldn't show support for those who strive for liberty and freedom while resisting oppressive regimes. Such support might be construed as less than positive by the totalitarian dictators of the world. I especially like the way he called the Iranian ayatollah, the "Supreme Leader." Maybe its an Islamic thing, like a US president bowing to the Saudi king.

And what about North Korea? Well, he gave them a good talking to, and they, in return, threatened to launch a nuclear attack on the US. Oh, yeah, what happened to that Korean ship that our intelligence indicates is carrying weapons and possible nuclear material? Last I heard one of our destroyers was following it, but could not board and search the ship without North Korean permission (that thanks to the UN). Seems to me, if a hostile nation threatens us with nuclear attack, we should not have to get the UN's permission to board one of its ships we suspect of carrying illegal weapons.

And then there's the latest...Honduras. Their president, a little far-left dictator who has ignored his nation's constitution and supreme court, was grabbed by the Honduran military and exiled to Costa Rica. The Honduran congress then named a new president. Unlike his reaction to Iran and North Korea, though, President Obama didn't delay in responding to this one. Indeed, he and Cuba's Raul Castro, along with Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's little neo-Marxist dictator, all seemed to join together to condemn the exile of this despotic little twerp. It's good to know what side were on isn't it?

And how about those economic policies? They seem designed to accomplish just two things: (1) to destroy the free market system that has been the engine of our success for over 200 years; and (2) to bankrupt the federal government. In truth, his policies are really not about economics at all. It's all about power, and moving that power into the federal government and away from the people. You see, our odd president is a socialist, an elitist who simply can't stand the idea that the people are sovereign, not the government. And socialists are really no different than fascists, because both, after all, always gravitate toward totalitarianism, their logical end. When it comes to their impact on the average citizen, there's little difference between a Marxist and a fascist government.

To all this I could add the foolishness represented by the left's environmental legislation (e.g., the so-called Cap and Trade bill) that increasingly seems to be based on junk science or, at best, science that has been overcome by more recent research showing that global warming actually appears to be something quite different, like global cooling. Once again, the legislation really has very little to do with science or the environment, and has everything to do with expanding the power of the federal government.

This highlights one of the more interesting political developments since the fall of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe: the almost overnight transition of the radical left from Marxism to environmentalism. It was a strange transition since the former Communist nations were among the biggest polluters on earth; strange, that is, until one realizes that a major goal of radical environmentalism is strong, centralized governmental control of all elements of society -- not much different than Marxism.

Wow. He's done a heap of stuff in less than six months. Can't wait to see what his government health care plan will be like. In the meantime, take heart. We survived Jimmy Carter. We'll probably survive Barack Obama.

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