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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anti-Catholic Political Ad in Minnesota

The Minnesota Democratic Party sponsored one of the most blatantly anti-Catholic ads I have ever seen, accusing the Catholic Church of ignoring the poor. That's right, the Catholic Church, the organization that does more for the poor of the world than any other organization is accused of ignoring them. Why? Because the Church speaks the truth about abortion and same-sex marriage and condemns them.

The ad is in the form of a postcard that was sent out to Minnesota voters. You can see the postcard below. Click on the photo's caption to view a larger version. To read more about the ad, click here: The Most Anti-Catholic Political Ad You'll Ever See.

Anti-Catholic Ad by Minnesota Democratic Party
Abortion and so-called gay marriage have become such defining elements of the political left in this country they supersede all other issues. And since the Catholic Church and its teachings are the greatest obstacle to the general acceptance of both homosexual marriage and abortion, it is viewed as the #1 enemy. This ad is merely one of the more obvious manifestations of this hatred for the Church.

Interestingly, Islam also condemns homosexual marriage and abortion. Why do I believe that the Minnesota Democratic Party will never publish a similar ad depicting a Muslim cleric?

Pray for and defend the Church.

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