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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mt. Calvary Episcopal Church Votes to Become Catholic

A few weeks ago I included a post about Mt. Calvary Episcopal Church in Baltimore and its pending vote on whether to come home to the Catholic Church. (Click here to read my earlier post.) I promised to provide a follow-up if and when this community finally conducted the vote. Well it seems the parish had their vote and decided overwhelmingly to enter to the Catholic Church. Of the 45 members who were eligible to vote, 28 took part in the election. The final tally was 24 in favor, two against, plus two abstentions.

The process will now move forward, and no doubt there will be some obstacles. First the parish will have to resolve the issue of church ownership with the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland. They will also have to apply to the Catholic Church for entry into full communion.

I've included links below to two articles covering the story, one in the secular press and another which appeared on

The Baltimore Sun: Episcopal Parish Votes to Join Roman Catholic Church Mt. Calvary Episcopal Parish Votes to Enter Catholic Church

Keep this parish in your prayers as they negotiate the challenges they will undoubtedly face.

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