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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dr. R. R. Reno: New Editor at First Things

I subscribe to far too many magazines and journals, but if I were forced to drop them all but one, First Things would be the one I'd keep.

The news this past week is that R. R. Reno, theologian and prolific writer, has been named the new editor of this, my favorite journal; and I can't think of anyone more qualified. A professor of theology at Creighton University (I believe he is currently on a leave of absence) and a fairly recent convert to Catholicism, Dr. Reno has written a number of books that occupy honored places on my bookshelves. He is a gifted scriptural scholar and writer, and I especially enjoyed his Commentary on Genesis, a volume in the new Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible. As general editor of the entire series, Dr. Reno is the guiding force behind the production of this wonderful guide to the theological interpretation of Holy Scripture. I only hope his new responsibilities will not have too negative an impact on his literary output.

By the way, if you don't read First Things, it you should. They also have an excellent website. To read more on Dr. Reno's selection as editor, check out the links I've provided below:

...and if you'd like to read a sampling of his writings, visit this page with links to his articles published in First Things:

May the Spirit of knowledge, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of love guide him as he takes on this challenging work. Pax et bonum...

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