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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extra-terrestrial Life?

I find it amusing when I read the comments of scientists and mathematicians and others who claim that, given the size of the universe, extra-terrestrial life must exist. This belief is based first on a sense that our sun and its planetary system cannot be unique and that among the countless billions of stars, many must have similar planetary systems that must include earthlike planets with all the necessary ingredients for the evolution of life. For these folks life isn't the result of an act of creation, but rather the result of an evolution within some lifeless primordial soup that happened to form randomly out of the chaos of our planet's own cosmic evolution. They are also convinced of the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. After all, if intelligent life evolved on earth, why not elsewhere as well? Remarkably, we even have scientists, with legitimate PhDs, who call themselves "exobiologists"; that is, their work is devoted to the study of life beyond the planet earth. Of course, to date they have no specimens of such life, not a one, zero. In fact, we have uncovered no hard evidence whatsoever that such life exists at all. And so what they have is a field of study with nothing to study. It must make their work stress-free, if a bit uninteresting.
Lots of galaxies...

I think it also remarkable that these people can hold such strong beliefs about something for which they have absolutely no evidence, and then criticize and mock the Christian for his belief in God, for which quite a bit of evidence exists. Certainly, as Aquinas showed us, we can come to a knowledge of God through reason, although faith is needed to accept the fullness of His revelation.

My own opinion is that we earthlings will never find intelligent extra-terrestrial life. I may be wrong, but one thing no one can deny is that so far I'm absolutely right. This opinion has its source in St. John's words that "God is love." You see, by making us totally unique in His universe, God shows us how great His love really is. "All of this, every molecule of it, every one of those billions of galaxies, everything I have made I made for you and for you alone. And I did it because I love you.  And then I, myself, came to that little jewel of a planet and gave my life for you. Do you see, now, what real love is?"

Apparently, though, the evolutionary pundits have made an impact, at least in the United Kingdom. According to a recent poll of 2,000 British adults, 44% believe that extra-terrestrial life exists. You can read about it here: Nearly Half of British Think Aliens Exist.

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