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Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ongoing War Against the "Infidels"

One of my interests, which I highlight regularly on this blog, is the growing persecution of Christians throughout the world. And it is truly a worldwide phenomenon. Christians seem to be the target of choice irrespective of who's doing the persecuting. Christians, for example, are persecuted by the communist rulers of China, Viet Nam and Cuba -- pretty much wherever atheism is the official policy of totalitarian governments.

But atheistic communism isn't the only source of such persecution. Far more subtle and less obvious forms of persecution are now increasingly common in Western Europe and Canada, and are even making inroads here in the United States. This persecution seems to originate among secular humanists who tend to view religion as an obsolete vestige of an unenlightened past and religious people as ignorant masses in need of reeducation. Its most obvious symptom is in the denial of freedom of speech to those who oppose the reigning political correctness.

But we also encounter persecution in some of its most violent forms from other religions, specifically Islam and Hinduism. So-called fundamentalist Hindus in India have been responsible for killing Christians of all denominations, destroying their churches, and turning large numbers of them into homeless refugees. Sadly the persecutors have for the most part gone unpunished by the Indian justice system. Persecution of Christians in Muslim countries is, of course, nothing new, but the increased application of sharia law and the growing influence of fundamentalist clerics has encouraged radicalized Muslims to act violently against Christian minorities. In Saudi Arabia, and increasingly in Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia and other Muslim nations, the governments themselves engage in overt persecution of Christians.

One logical conclusion of all this is that Christianity is perceived as the enemy by much of the world, regardless of the religious or philosophical beliefs of the persecutors. We should, of course, expect this since we were clearly instructed by the Lord that the world would persecute us because of Him. But that doesn't mean we should sit on our hands and say nothing. As Pope Benedict XVI has clearly stated, religious persecution of both Christians and non-Christians must cease. He has called on the international community to support him on this. But, sadly, most Western nations lack the courage to do so, or they simply do not care.

Clifford May has written two interesting articles in National Review Online that address the ongoing war waged by Muslims against Christians and other "infidels." They are well worth reading, and I've provided links below:
Pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Pax et bonum...

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