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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

EU Considers "Christian" to be Politically Incorrect

On January 31 the foreign ministers of the European Union, in another masterful display of courage, rejected a draft resolution condemning recent atrocities against Christians and other minorities in Iraq and Egypt. The ministers were unable to agree on the inclusion of the word "Christian" for fear that it might be too politically incorrect.

This is what Western Europe, the former home of Christendom, has come to. The foreign ministers of these once great Christian nations now quake in their Guccis for fear that someone will take offense if they use the word "Christian" in a resolution. What cowards! What a tragedy!

Read more here, thanks to European Dignity Watch: EU Foreign Ministers

On February 21, as a result of much criticism, the ministers agreed on a watered-down version of the resolution that mentions Christianity once, and only in conjunction with Muslims and certain minorities, despite the fact that, according to the respected Pew Research Center, Christians are the victims in 70% of the religious persecution that occurs worldwide. And in Muslim countries, Christians are the victims of choice when it comes to persecution.

Once again European Dignity Watch provides details on the resolution: EU Struggles to Condemn Persecution

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