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Monday, March 14, 2011

No Big Surprise: Abortion Increases With Contraceptive Use

For years (decades?) supporters of abortion have been telling us that as contraceptive use increases the abortion rate will certainly decrease dramatically. The pro-life community, however, has consistently disagreed with this speculative theory, knowing that increased contraceptive use will lead to increased promiscuity and an increase in abortions when contraceptives fail. Recent data from Spain shows that the pro-lifers have been correct all along.

A Spanish medical journal that focuses on contraception recently published the results of a study that followed a group of women of child-bearing age for over a decade. The results? Although contraceptive use increased from 50% to 80%, the abortion rate doubled. In the minds of many women, therefore, abortion has become just another method of contraception. Similar results have been observed in every country where abortion has been made legal, including the United States. Oh, yes, as you might expect, the folks who conducted the study are completely befuddled by the results. They have decided it will require more study.

Abortion is a tragedy whenever and wherever is occurs, but it's particularly sad to hear about these results in formerly Catholic Spain. Let's pray that the Holy Father's visit to Spain this August for World Youth Day will have a positive impact and bring Spain back to the faith.

For more information on the study mentioned above, click here: Abortions Double in Spain

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