The occasional, often ill-considered thoughts of a Roman Catholic permanent deacon who is ever grateful to God for his existence. Despite the strangeness we encounter in this life, all the suffering we witness and endure, being is good, so good I am sometimes unable to contain my joy. Deo gratias!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Being Is Good...But in NYC It Can Also Be Dangerous

Every so often I come across something on the internet that merits more exposure, and a few moments ago I found another example. In this instance it's a video of a single intersection, one of thousands of similar intersections, in New York City. It made me recall why I would never drive into the City when I lived in the NY suburbs. I always took the train and the subway, and literally ran across intersections to decrease the time spent in the sights of NY cabbies and other insane operators of motor vehicles. The large numbers of bicycles, driven mostly by messengers with a financial interest in getting to their destinations quickly, are an interesting addition to the chaos that is New York. Put on your seat belt and enjoy the video.

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