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Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Murdered Christians? Ho-hum...

Every so often I write here about the ongoing and growing persecution of Christians throughout the world, especially in the Islamic world. I don't expect my comments to have much impact because I have only a handful of regular readers who, like me, are far from being global movers and shakers. But knowing the power of prayer, I ask only that you remember our persecuted brothers and sisters and lift them up to God, asking that they be strengthened and protected.

To be a Christian in many countries today guarantees persecution, and to practice one's Christian faith openly too often leads to martyrdom. Isn't it strange that the nominally Christian West has largely ignored what is happening to Christians throughout the world? When Russia spoke out against homosexuals, the media and government elites were apoplectic; yet we hear next to nothing from them about the widespread murder of Christians and the destruction of their communities.

This intentional lapse is the subject of an excellent article by Michael Brendan Dougherty published in The Week. Read it, please. Here's a link to the online article: Christian Persecution: No One Cares.

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