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Sunday, March 13, 2016

My Political Incorrectness

I've come to realize that, like my father before me and probably all of my male ancestors, I've turned into something of a curmudgeon. I suppose it's largely the result of age, having passed the three-score-and-ten mile marker a while ago. One symptom of this change is my openly expressed political incorrectness. I say things that drive my liberal, politically correct friends absolutely nuts. Here are a few examples that I won't hesitate to express:
  • Religious freedom - our first freedom - must take priority over all other considerations. 
  • The U.S.A. and the entire world community must accept the fact that much of Islam is being co-opted by Muslims who accept Islam's most radical strain, that we are faced with waging what is essentially a religious and cultural war.
  • Capital punishment denies the opportunity for repentance and conversion. It is unmerciful in an era that cries for mercy.
  •  Abortion, the killing of an innocent human being, must be prohibited.
  • Same-sex marriage is an abomination and should not be allowed.
  • Homosexuality in itself is disordered but not sinful. Homosexual acts are just as sinful as heterosexual acts outside of the married state. We must call all to conversion as we would any sinner, including ourselves. Hate the sin; love the sinner.
  • The nation should restore the military draft for men, 
  • Women should not serve in combat.
  • The NCAA should be abolished, along with all intercollegiate athletics. Colleges and universities should be educational institutions, not farm systems for professional sports. Intramural athletics can fill the void.
  • Foreign languages should be taught to all children starting in kindergarten.
  • Academic tenure should be abolished.
  • Federal judges should be appointed for a set term of office, say ten years.
  • We should enact a constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget, with no exceptions.
  • Taxation must be reformed. Repeal the 16th amendment. Abolish the IRS and the income tax for individuals and businesses. Institute the "Fair Tax."
  • Bring back the citizen legislator. U.S. senators should be limited to two terms and U.S. representatives to six terms. And cut their salaries in half.
  • Social security, indeed, all entitlement programs should be means-tested and payments made on a sliding scale.
  • Hillary Clinton should be shut away in prison, at least for a few months.
  • Bernie Sanders should be shut away in the home, probably for many years.
  • Donald Trump should just shut up permanently.
  • ...
I could go on, but there would be no point. None of these things will ever happen. And so I just trust that God will step in and save us as He always has.

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