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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Adult Faith Formation: Course on Biblical Typology

Last Wednesday I began teaching a parish adult faith formation course on Biblical Typology. The course will be conducted every Wednesday evening for four weeks and will offer an introductory overview of the subject. We will examine "type" links between the Old and New Testaments, the people and events in the Old that foreshadow greater things in the New Testament. I also hope to examine how we can apply typology to develop a better understanding of Sacred Scripture and its meaning for us today on our journey to salvation.

I expected perhaps 30 or 40 people to attend, but imagine my surprise when 82 people enrolled for the course. They filled the meeting room and even stayed for an extra 15 minutes because, as usual, I made the session longer than I should have.

Any handout material, along with each session's PowerPoint presentation will be placed on my very modest Bible Study website at the conclusion of each session. Here's the link: St. Vincent de Paul Parish Bible Study. You should be able to access the presentations of future sessions by Friday of each week.

But for those who just want to view the PowerPoint, here's a link to the Session 1 presentation: Typology Session 1

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