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Monday, June 22, 2020

VIDEO - COVID-19 Bible Study Reflection #5: To Be a Disciple

Our pastor has asked me to record videos of several more of my COVID-19 Bible Study reflections, so the other day I took an hour or so to record three reflections:

#5 -- To Be a Disciple
#6 -- Abandonment
#7 -  Love One Another

I have embedded the video of #5 below. Krysten, our parish's wonderful IT guru, has also posted the video on the parish's YouTube site. It can be accessed there, along with the parish's recorded Masses and musical reflections: Bible Study Reflection #5: To Be a Disciple

The others -- #6 and #7 -- will be posted on the next two Mondays.

Just an FYI: This video is almost 19 minutes long, so if you'd rather just read it than listen to and watch it, the text is available here: Bible Study Reflection #5 Text.

God's peace...

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