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Monday, May 17, 2010

Catholic AM Radio Station in Washington, DC

A couple of Texan millionaires have provided the necessary funding ($4 million) to start up a Catholic radio station in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. WMET (1160 on the AM dial) will transmit from suburban Gaithersburg, MD thanks to Texan land developers Donald and Phillip Huffines. The station, operated by Guadalupe Radio Network of Midland, TX, will provide daily 24-hour English language programming.

According to the Catholic Radio Association, this move is one more in a growing trend. Just ten years ago, in the year 2000, there were only seven Catholic radio stations. Today there are 165! And it's all the result of lay people buying up radio stations and using the free content provided by EWTN, the network founded by Mother Angelica in Birmingham, AL. What a wonderful example of Catholic laity taking up the challenge issued by Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI to take an active role in the New Evangelization. Here's an article in the Washington Times on the purchase of the station. The following video of Raymond Arroyo's show on EWTN also discusses the purchase of the station.

This new station, of course, is particularly welcome because it will broadcast Catholic programming within the DC Beltway. Maybe Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden and some of our other Catholic pols will occasionally tune in and listen. Could we perhaps soon witness the mass conversion of Catholic politicians to actual Catholicism? Hey, it could happen: "The Spirit blows where it wills..." [Jn 3:8]

All you DC-area Catholics should support this new station along with its sponsors so it will be a commercial success. DC is a tough radio market because all the movers and shakers are way too busy listening to themselves.

Pray for the station's success and for conversion in our nation's capital. God's peace...

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