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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Crosses for the ACLU

After my last post on the Veterans' Cross in the Mohave Desert, I wondered if the ACLU just objected to that particular cross, or whether their cross-aversion was more general. If the latter, I thought I might provide them with more ammunition for future court cases...

For example, every few weeks I'm called to conduct committal services at the National Cemetery in nearby Bushnell, Florida. And right there, on United States Government property, in front of God and...well, okay, in front of everyone else, are thousands of crosses embossed on the tombstones that mark the graves of Christian veterans and their spouses. I bring this to the ACLU's attention because I'm sure no card-carrying member of their organization has ever been there. The sight of so many little white crosses littering the government-owned landscape, would no doubt be fatal to an ACLU true believer. And just consider that there are probably millions more of these hateful symbols in hundreds of other U. S. government-owned and operated cemeteries throughout the United States and in Europe. The photos say it all.

And, then, of course there are those pesky crosses that occur in nature or seem just to appear as the result of strange coincidence. It's almost as if God is mocking those who try to remove Him from the public square by inserting religious symbols everywhere else. Some interesting examples:

A photographer spotted this natural cross in a Connecticut field:

I'm not sure if this cross is on private or public property, but this should probably be investigated before it infects too many Connecticut farmers and photographers.

Another example of these "natural" crosses is shown in the photo below. It is supposedly the result of random movement of the earth's crust. Perhaps the ACLU should follow the lead of the Taliban who in March 2001 used explosives to destroy those huge 1,700-year-old Buddhas carved into the face of an Afghan mountain.

And then there are those seemingly accidental crosses, cleverly disguised as something useful, that people erect everywhere. For example, the picture below shows a series of crosses hammered together to form a footbridge. And I believe the so-called bridge is actually located in a government-run park.
Perhaps we should ban all perpendicular joints in any future construction projects on government property. Not only would it eliminate these intrusive religious symbols, but also encourage the creativity of architects and contractors.

Thousands more "accidental" religious displays are erected all over the country by power companies. The example below looks suspiciously like an Eastern Orthodox cross.

And then there's that famous cross that seemed to form on its own as a direct result of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center. I'm sure its sudden appearance caused all kinds of consternation at ACLU headquarters, especially when it was "adopted" and preserved by those New York City firefighters, government employees all.

And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Crosses are everywhere. I just can't see how the ACLU and its friends can possibly destroy them all. Of course, trying to eradicate all evidence of God in the world has been tried before, and was always unsuccessful. Maybe they should just quit while they're behind.

Lift high the Cross...

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