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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ivy League Stupidity and Hatred

I spent a good portion of my life wearing the uniform of our country's military and while I have never sought adulation or even mild approbation for my service in times of both peace and war, I do resent it when people treat veterans disrespectfully because of their service.

Anthony Maschek and his fiance'
A recent example of this occurred last week at that hallowed Ivy League institution, Columbia University, during a campus town-hall style meeting addressing the issue of reinstating ROTC at the university. Anthony Maschek, 28, a freshman student and a veteran who was severely wounded in a firefight in Iraq and spent two years recovering at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, spoke in favor of reinstatement. As a result he was heckled, called a racist, and treated with contempt by the hostile crowd of fellow students. And when he stated, “It doesn’t matter how you feel about the war. It doesn’t matter how you feel about fighting...There are bad men out there plotting to kill you,” several students laughed and jeered. Read more here: Hero's Unwelcome.

This disgusting display of stupidity by Columbia students is only more proof that high SAT scores are no measure of intelligence. It should also encourage parents to think twice before sending any of their children to Ivy League schools. Trust me, a much better education (at a much lower cost) may be had elsewhere. You might even check out a few of the Catholic colleges I mentioned in this post last year.

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