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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Final Session of our Seminar in Biblical Typology

Earlier this evening we conducted the fourth and final session of our brief summer course in Biblical Typology. It's a big subject, so a four-hour course can only scratch the surface.

We had a wonderful group of  participants. Between 65 and 80 people attended each session. They were obviously very interested in the subject (after all, they kept coming back for more) and I trust they all found it spiritually rewarding.

The course PowerPoint presentations -- in both PowerPoint and PDF formats -- are available on the "Documents" page of my little Bible Study website here: Parish Bible Study

Also available on that page is all the handout material provided to the participants.

If, however, you would rather just view the Session 4 PowerPoint online, you can view it here: Biblical Typology Session 4.

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