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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ralph McInerny, 1929-2010, R.I.P.

This morning we lost one of the great Catholic intellectuals of our time. Ralph McInerny, professor of medieval studies at the University of Notre dame, passed away peacefully and returned to the Father whose love he celebrated throughout his life. But Dr. McInerny was much more than just one illustrious academic among many. He was a philosopher of note, the author of many serious philosophical books, a writer of best-selling fiction including the famous Father Dowling series of mystery novels, a published poet, a translator of St. Thomas Aquinas' works, and the father of seven. There is so much more one could say about him. He was a truly remarkable man,

I met Dr. McInerny once, about ten years ago. It was one of those brief chats after a speech he had given at a conference I was attending. He answered my question and then, liked a good teacher, asked a few of his own. Our conversation lasted perhaps two minutes before I stepped aside so others could meet him. I can't recall the details of our conversation, but I haven't forgotten how pleasant and gracious he was, or how truly interested he was in what I had to say.

He has taught me much through his books and countless articles. I shall miss his presence in the world. May he rest in the peace of the Father's embrace.

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  1. I'm gonna start praying for his intercession for a job.

  2. ...and I will join you in your prayer. - Dana