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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marriage, Civilization's Cornerstone

I've written occasionally on the dangers of the ongoing massive effort to redefine marriage as something other than the sacramental union of a man and a woman. I've always seen this as a key battle in the cultural war being waged throughout the world today. This morning my daughter pointed me to an article that describes the battle and its potential consequences. It was written by Don Feder, a long-time acquaintance and a man for whom I have tremendous respect. Don is a believing, practicing Jew and can always be counted on to inject the reality of common sense into any discussion. In this instance Don is reminding conservatives, particularly all those fiscal conservatives, of the permanent things that must be preserved and cherished if our Judeo-Christian civilization is to survive.

I recommend reading his column. And for those of you who are unquestioning Glenn Beck fans, I highly recommend it:  If Marriage Is Lost, We Lose Everything.

Pray for our nation...

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