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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Minstry of Suffering

John Hathaway, the son of our dear friends, Nancy and Joe Hathaway, has just published a wonderful article on John, who has suffered from Marfan Syndrome since birth, knows suffering intimately and has offered us a beautifully wrapped gift by sharing his experience and his thoughts on this unique ministry, the ministry of suffering. And as we unwrap it, and come to realize the blessings God has showered on those who make their suffering an "offering to God," we are forced to examine our own relatively painless lives and the false priorities that guide us. Here's the link to his article: The Ministry of Suffering. Read it!

If you've never heard of Marfan Syndrome, heres a brief video made by the National Marfan Foundation:

Keep John Hathaway and his young family in your prayers.

Praised be Jesus Christ!

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