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Monday, December 13, 2010

Navy 31, Army 17

On Saturday Diane and I drove to the home of a fellow USNA alumnus here in Florida and joined another 20 or so other grads and their spouses to watch the Army-Navy game. We were an enthusiastic and only semi-rowdy crowd of retirees ranging from the class of 1944 to the class of 1971. The food was wonderful, and with a whole collection of big-screen TVs spread throughout the house, everyone had a good seat.

And -- no surprise here -- Navy won once again...actually for the ninth straight year. For a moment I actually felt a little sorry for Army. Losing nine in a row can't be pleasant. Fortunately that moment passed quickly. It was evident, however, that the Army team is much improved under their new coach and I expect they will continue to improve and present a greater challenge to Navy in the future. Of course, Navy will meet that challenge and continue to beat them.

My only sadness resulted from my brother's absence this year. Jeff, who died in January, was a 1962 graduate of West Point. We both enjoyed our little annual rivalry. I miss him tremendously.

Here's a five-minute tribute to the game and to both of these wonderful institutions...


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